How to piss off a Work At Home Mum… Don’t even.


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by Tracy Harris in Blog
July 29, 2016 3 comments
How to piss of a work at home mum
How to piss off a WAHM

How to piss off a Work At Home Mum!

It's tough being a work at home Mum (WAHM). Here are 9 ways to seriously get under our skin. I suggest you don't.

You ready...

1. Leave us a list of errands to complete during our work at home day.

How to piss off a WAHM

Dammit, really? So in addition to running my biz, I need to run this household? How is me taking time out of my day job any different to you making calls and chasing up emails or paying bills, doing a grocery run, doing the pick up and drop off of kidlets, buying presents for upcoming birthdays, deciding on what’s for dinner or waiting on hold for bloody Centrelink - all during your work day?

2. Keep inviting us out for coffee on our W.A.H kid free day - I am working.

I already have FOMO and before you say that it’s “just a quick coffee”, let’s be real here. We (friends) are never quick with our catch ups AND even if we were, I then have to get back into the work mindset which is already so damn hard when you work at home! So please, let’s make that coffee date for a non-work day. I'd love to hang with you.

3. Suggest that we have time to catch up on the latest reality tv shows - Yeah…. I wish!

How to piss off a work at home mum

I’d seriously love nothing more than sit on the couch in my daggies, with a nice lunch and watch some cheesy TV (I love that stuff) BUT when baby is sleeping, you won’t find me on the couch, you’ll find me in getting sh*t done mode, BEAST MODE. I’m super organised, I know what I’ve got to get done and I smash it out. I can achieve way more in a focussed 1.5 - 2hour nap period than I used to in my day job where I spent 8 hours dealing with other people’s agendas.

4. Ask why dinner isn't ready


5. Pass comments on the untidy house.

How to piss off a WAHM

(PIC CREDIT - Friendie)


6. Say that blogging is easy or refer to my job as a hobby

How to piss off a WAHM

Don't get me started. Like it or not, understand it or not, blogging is a biz these days and it takes a VERY long time to build that rapport and trust with one’s audience. For many years, bloggers work unpaid, contribute to unpaid guest blog spots and spend countless hours developing their influence on social media. It's definitely a long term vision, that deserves recognition.

7. Ask on the daily "how many sales have you made today?".

While we love to talk about biz, we also need your understanding that it takes time. For most startups, the answer to that question will be nil (for quite a while). That's normal. Building a biz takes time and it ain't no cake walk.

8. Suggest we're spending too much time on social media or taking flat lays.

How to piss off a WAHM

(PIC CREDIT - Piper and I)

How to piss off a work at home mum

(PIC CREDIT - Tilly Mint Kids)

Everyone in business and anyone who wants to market themselves or their organisation these days needs to have a social media presence. It ain't as simple as posting a pic every few days! If that's your understanding, you're doing it wrong. So yeah, we are hanging on social media but it's called marketing and PR so deal with it!

9. Change the childcare arrangements on us

How to piss off a work at home mum

(PIC CREDIT - Pretty Tidy)

When grandparents or other child care providers change arrangements with little to no notice because, "you work at home" - Sigh! More than anything, we need routine. Those precious hours where you spend time with our babes are prime hustle time! We make appointments, we schedule in calls, we have a to-do list longer than the river Nile and we really really appreciate your help. We just need it to be consistent because it helps us in our mindset and in our productivity. It's already a challenge for most people to work from home and ignore those distractions around us (aka housework), so let's keep it to a routine as much as we can, pretty please?

Which one of these do you relate to the most? Is there something else that gets under your skin? Leave us a comment below 🙂

Finally, if you ever find yourself frustrated with friends and family who just don’t get it… come hang with me and thousands of biz mums just like you over at our private Facebook group, the Mums With Hustle Biz Club.

Us like-minded game changers need to stick with each other.

You can also share this post hehe. I'm sure the people in your life mean no harm when they do any of the above but it helps for them to know how we feel, right?

Oh crap. The cat just vomited on my flat lay rug. GTG!


Tracy (aka MumBoss at Mums With Hustle)​

P.S - If you are looking to be as productive as possible with the time you ARE given as a WAHM, check out this podcast and blog post on 3 PRODUCTIVITY TIPS FOR THE WAHM

  • Eleni Halos

    Hilarious! I can add- being a ‘candle maker’ I’ve taken over the entire dining room (we live in a tiny unit as it is with 3 boys under 5) so we can’t eat anywhere other than at the kiddie table in the front door entrance on kiddie chairs or kneeling at the coffee table in the lounge area (right next to kiddie table) so what gets under my skin is being told ‘YOUR EXPENSIVE HOBBY IS TAKING UP THE WHOLE HOUSE, AND FOR WHAT? $5 PROFIT PER CSNDLE?!’ Little does he know- there is ZERO profit… He hasn’t seen the expenses on materials !!! Eeek

  • Yes to all of these! Although, since listening to Dr Kristy’s MWH podcast I have been using the pomodoro technique and it is helping me get more work done as well as other chores. In every 5 minute break I will do something like turn on the washing machine or unpack the dishwasher. I then grab a drink or something to eat and I’m back to work. It gets me moving and I lose all that guilt about all the dishes and laundry piling up. Great post!!

  • Zoë Arpin

    LOVED this, Tracy!!!


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