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by Tracy Harris in Blog, MWH Spotlight
December 23, 2016 0 comments
Business Journey

I absolutely love hearing from the MWH tribe; passion, authenticity and dedication is what shines through when I think of you all. I’m super excited to welcome Meng Lee of Heart In Box to the MWH virtual couch to share her business journey with us. Meng exudes hustle and heart and I’m thrilled to share her journey with you.

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Tell us a bit about you and your family

Hello there! I’m Meng from Heart in Box. I have 3 little people that I run after or being chased by daily. They are Ethan, Charis & baby Enoch. We have been living around the world since Ethan was a 2 month baby. And we really love it here in Brissy.


What was life like before you started your own business?

Life before my business was busy. I guess I’m a bit of a workaholic so when I didn’t have a biz, I was learning how to bake (coz cooking & baking was not my forte. I ruined pancakes even though I used a premix), and then I was homeschooling my then 2 little munchkins for a bit and decided the teachers in school would do a better job than I did.


Tell us about your business journey and your WHY

Heart in Box is an online gift box shop. We send gift boxes to uplift and pamper. It all started when I had my third bubba. As I was living away from family & friends, they were really thoughtful in sending gifts from overseas to me. But in the haze of my early post natal blues, I was actually a little disappointed (well maybe quite a lot) when all the gifts were for bubba. It was as if everyone had forgotten about me. Bit of a pity party there.

But then my girlfriends sent me a package with goodies to pamper me. It was a light bulb moment. Surely there are lots of women who needed that TLC in those early days or even in their rest of their motherhood journey. And so I wanted to offer an alternative gift service. One that would not just pamper but uplift the spirits and make the recipient encouraged.


If you could go back in time and offer advice to your former mumpreneur-self what would you say?

That there would be mountain peaks and valley troughs. That mumpreneur-ship is a journey. And every journey is different, unique and special. So be patient. And keep going.


What does success mean to you?

Well, I am a type A mama (and potentially a tiger mama deep down). So success to me used to be hitting all those sales goals, making the brand known. But in recent times, that has changed. Success is no longer just about sales goal. It’s about knowing that I’ve put in my all, and learning from my mistakes and bettering my character as a role model for my little ones.


Your biggest productivity tip for Mums in biz…

Time chunking works for me. As it allows me to know that I have a dedicated time to work on my to-do as a biz mum. So all other work eg laundry needs to fall below work to-dos. Another productivity tip of mine is to hide my phone. Because IG scrolling is just too distracting.


Let’s capture your personality with these fun facts about YOU:

Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
Tomato sauce or barbecue? Tomato Sauce
Coffee or tea? Can I pick both? I love both coffee & tea
Wine or Spirits? Wine
Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate
City or Country? This is hard. I love both. But I reckon with every year added to my age, country is where I will be.
Summer or Winter? Summer!
Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling!



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