What if there was a step-by-step process for attracting an engaged following on Instagram that actually converts?

You’d want to know about it right?

You have a business you love and you know your audience is on Instagram but you need a strategy to stand out and get noticed amongst the 80 million posts a day!

What you need is a clear success path that shows you how to cut through the noise, approach Instagram with purpose and create posts that turn followers into customers.

You need to learn alongside someone that has done it before and knows exactly how to build an engaged following that converts.



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Can you relate to these Instagram woes?

You have an appreciation for Instagram and you see other businesses thriving but you haven’t fully come to understand the Instabeast yourself. You lack a clear strategy from what to post, what hashtags to use and how to grow your following with a targeted audience that converts. It’s time to change all that.

When it comes to your current Insta game play:

  • Growing your biz on Instagram can feel like you’ve arrived in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.
  • That new Instagram algorithm has you wondering if it’s even worth your time… Even IF you have a great following size you may be questioning whether people are even seeing your posts because your engagement totally sucks!
  • You’re having difficulty growing your Instagram account with the right kinds of followers.
  • You see your follower count going up slightly and then down by just as much. It can make a hustler want to stick a fork in their eye!

Ok, please don’t ever do that BUT the process of growing your Instagram following does not have to be that hard. It shouldn’t be like filling a bucket with a whole in it. It should be fun! 

Your target market IS on Instagram. 

Even if you’re a service based biz or a content marketer, you can have HUGE success on Insta. But it’s not all just about looking popular with a high follower count. You need a targeted audience. 

They will be the ones who choose to engage in your posts and they will be the ones that you can turn into customers. I’m going to help you find them!

I have mapped out the success path that totally crushes all of that:

It’s called Hashtag Hustle and it teaches you how to get the most out of Instagram and:

1. Attract your dream followers

2. Have them take action (and convert)

3. Save you time and frustration

A thriving and engaged Instagram following is key to growing your biz.

With our proven Hastag Hustle success path you will:

Besides being able to look the part on Instagram and grow a strong brand presence, you will:

Now, this course doesn't just cover hashtags but it will also help you identify and understand:

Your niche in more depth. Your unique posting formula. How to have the algorithm work in your favour and how to use Instagram with INTENTION.

Why I Created This Course

Hi. I’m Tracy Harris

I’m the founder and chief hustler at Mums With Hustle, an online platform where I teach my tribe of mumpreneurs to nail it in all things biz. I do this through a weekly podcast, blog and kick ass community!

I am also an Instagram biz strategist. Yes. I LOVE Instagram for business.

I am your wing-woman when it comes to growing your brand presence on Insta as a blogger, content marketer, service provider, ecommerce store owner, handmaiden or brick and mortar biz. If it’s a biz on Insta, I can help you!

Also, I know that you, as a biz owner or blogger, may simply not be in the position to afford private coaching but you still very much want to grow your Instagram biz presence and be guided by someone who knows their stuff!

Honestly, I know your Instagram woes because I’ve been there myself!

You are wondering if there is any way around that horrid Insta algorithm. Sometimes you get bummed because other accounts are thriving and your engagement is slim-to-none.

Hey, you may even have you’re doubts about whether your time on Insta is even worth the ROI. So, is it worth the effort? Is it possible to thrive as a biz on Instagram? How do you get found on Insta by your target audience? What should you be posting? How can you increase your following count with followers that convert?

Well, in Hashtag Hustle, I am going to help crush those woes and teach you HOW to be using Instagram to it’s MAX potential.

Get ready to get great at Instagram!


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What you get when you join Hashtag Hustle

Actionable Video Walkthroughs and Tutorials

This course is centred around personal and actionable video walkthroughs and tutorials. You will learn alongside me while. The videos are broken into small, laser-focused lessons that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. They are short and concise with all the ingredients you need to succeed!

Lifetime access to the course

As a Hashtag Hustle student, you’ll always have this course to come back to at any time. It will become a huge part of your toolkit for ultimate Instagram success. If I make any updates or add any additional content over time, you will get instant access to all of them. No additional charge.

Hashtag Hustle Workbook

I have designed a complementary workbook with worksheets to ensure you get the absolute MOST out of each lesson without overwhelm. You will need a place to write down those AH-HA’s, brain dumps and actions I know you are going to have!

Relatable Examples

I have spent a year dedicated to understanding the unique situations, needs and businesses that exist on Instagram and I have carefully considered all of these perspectives when presenting my examples and delivering the lessons. I’ve got your back!

Plus An EXCLUSIVE Hashtag Hustle Instagram Mastermind Group

Exclusive Membership to a QUALITY Community

The private Facebook group is where the magic happens! I have created this group for you as another level of support and collaboration. Through the group you can connect with the other students who are just like you and trying to grow their biz presence on Instagram. This will become your ultimate Instagram Hub, a place where we can support one another with accountability, encouragement and motivation! Yes, I will also be there when the course is running to answer your questions and help out in any way I can. We are in this together!


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

A course that works around your needs.

It doesn't matter where you are, what device you have or when you decide to study. The course is available on all your devices. You don't need to be technical, just login and you can get going. You can even resume your progress across multiple devices (technology these days).

Here is a sneak peek inside the Hashtag Hustle school!


If you are like me, I love to see and hear who you are learning from. I have high quality video for you to watch across all of your devices. Just you and me in Instagram heaven!


If video isn't your thing or your just not in the right environment to watch, I have you covered. Read along with each lesson.

Your Instagram Success Path.

Hashtag Hustle is a self-paced course BECAUSE everybody's life is different and being an online entrepreneur, I can guarantee that your workflow and work hours are also different.

This course is separated into four main modules of content, each with a number of individual lessons. There are 14 video lessons in total, each is also provided in text format for those learners who prefer to read …or do both!

Module 1: Hashtag Fundamentals

1. What are hashtags? - Misconceptions and mistakes to avoid.
2. How do hashtags work? - How to get intentional, be savvy, be found and become a Top Post within a hashtag.
3. When and where to post those hashtags - How to avoid coming off as spammy, how to get maximum exposure with hashtags, hashtag best practice.
4. What you need to understand about those magical popular hashtags - Understand how to use popular hashtags to your advantage, discover the power of niched hashtags, how intention can help you identify the best hashtags for you and how to find organic followers using hashtags.

Module 2: Hashtag Hang-Ups

  1. The 7 types of hashtags you need to avoid - Broken hashtags, how to avoid bots and spammers. Learn how to stop sending your potential followers/customers to your competition + hashtag etiquette.
  2. How many hashtags are too many? Maximise your exposure with the right amount of hashtags.

Module 3: Find Your Tribe With Hashtags

  1. Discover your niche - Understand what a niche is and why it’s so important to your success on Instagram.
  2. Building Relationships through hashtags - How to build business relationships, find collaboration and cross promotion partners, and build your business with community hashtags.
  3. When to consider creating your own unique hashtag - what you need to know about starting your own biz hashtag, how to get your hashtag growing, how to use hashtags to promote your giveaway or brand rep search.
  4. How to find your ideal follower using hashtags - Hustling inside of hashtags to be found by your ideal follower, learn how to identify what hashtags your audience is searching.

Module 4: Your Hashtag Strategy

  1. Which hashtags should I use? Understand your niche, your content and your ideal follower.
  2. The 9 steps you need to take to find your WINNING hashtags bank - How to find the best hashtags for you, how to capitalise on trending hashtags, how to validate whether a hashtag is a good one to use, understanding Instagram’s suggested hashtags, the importance of research and how to maximise local hashtags.
  3. The Posting Formula - Become an authority fast, build a strong brand and keep your followers loving you. The gold 😃
  4. How to assess whether a hashtag is worthy of being added to your WINNING bank - The 7 guiding lights that should form the criteria for whether or not to add a hashtag to your bank. How to niche your content to avoid overwhelm, save time, curate your feed, build your brand and satisfy your followers.
  5. Getting intentional and be time savvy with hashtags - Save time, reduce overwhelm, reach the right eyeballs every time and maximise your iPhone features to post hashtags like a pro.
Amy Clarke

“This course reinforced the whole hashtag thing and how extremely important they are for businesses using Instagram. I never really “got” hashtags, not really. Being a part of the MWH tribe and participating in this course has given me insight… Insight I never would have had before! Hashtags are everything on Instagram and if used correctly can make a huge impact on the success of your business. I’m all about the hashtags now.”

Amy Clarke The Whole Child Interiors

Ready to EXPLODE your biz on Instagram?


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your investment in Hashtag Hustle, so you can request a refund within the first 14 days of the course going live by sharing your completed workbook, evidence of these learnings implemented on Instagram and your receipt. I just need these things to show that you have put the work in but the course did not deliver (which I doubt because these strategies are tried and true) and so that I don’t go out of business, which I know you totally get, right?


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you