MWH 003 : How clear are you about your brand? With Roshnee Chenery (Pretty Tidy)


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by Tracy Harris in Podcasts
October 11, 2015 2 comments

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In this episode I chat with Roshnee Chenery, a social creative with a background in advertising. She shares insights into what she believes makes brands successful in the online space. We chat about her business journey with Pretty Tidy, a business born out of a personal need, turned hobby, turned LOVE. I can’t believe Pretty Tidy hasn’t even been around for a whole year yet and boom! Quickly realising that her customers thrive on Instagram, Roshnee has made Instagram absolutely work for her and she isn’t shy in sharing how. We discuss her views on giveaways, the importance of networking and tips for taking a great photo of your product. If you’ve ever thought about how to get your business to the next level or how to stand out, then you need listen to Roshnee’s advice on branding! I promise you, you’re going to leave this episode with thought provoking questions for your business, and more importantly, you’re going to have things to put into practice. It’s always refreshing to chat to a mummy so passionate about passing her knowledge on – no surprises why Pretty Tidy is doing so well with great values and knowledge behind this brand!

What you will learn in this episode

  • Practical photography tips for Instagram
  • The importance of building your brand
  • Struggles of a mum entrepreneur
  • Standing out as a unique player in your space
  • The advantages of networking
  • Planning for your success – from the start

You can connect up with Roshnee on Instagram – @prettytidy_roshnee


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  • Erika

    Thank you for all the information in this pod cast. It was very insightful, and I will be applying it to my home business.

  • This episode was amazing! I loved hearing about Roshnee’s story – how she got started, where her business is at right now and how she’s grown it so quickly – whilst still juggling all that is motherhood. BIG kudos to Roshnee. And thank you Tracy for this insightful podcast xx – Flori, Business School for Mums


10 Ways To Grow On Instagram (FREE)

Grow your brand and exposure

Totally Free!
100% Privacy Guaranteed

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