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Before ‘Mumpreneurs’ were a thing and when hustle wasn’t a dirty word, I launched a startup with my iPhone in the dark.

No award-winning podcast. No high-converting website. No paid speaking gigs. Just me and my scrolling thumb, on Instagram, with a kid in the crook of my arm.

That startup was Mums With Hustle, and within 3 years it’s grown to be the place for Mamas in business to learn how to confidently turn up on social media online – all the while living a version of success that makes them light up from the inside.

Join the tribe.

It was 2015 and I was on maternity leave after 10 years of working as an executive teacher.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back to work – I’ve always been a teacher at heart.

There’s something about watching a child unlock their inherent potential that made me feel something within the realms of magic.

In my role as a teacher and in education leadership I consistently found my happy place working collaboratively to help people uncover more about themselves.

Teaching is my purpose and was a common thread: the unlocking, the realisation, the leading people to discovery, the moment of empowerment.

The wanting more and the satisfaction of finding it. Only, now I had two little boys and found myself in a place where I was expected to make a choice.

Motherhood or career?

Family or entrepreneurship?

I was told I couldn’t have both.

Well, heck-no!

I didn’t want to step back onto the path of conventional working Mum. I wanted more.Just because I was a Mother shouldn’t mean I had to choose. I’d opened a door to a place where I could stay loyal to my own convictions all the time – something I’d noticed had been tested again and again as an employee. That core voice of integrity was getting louder and louder. And I was happy to step into being a full-time #unconventionalist.

I had no startup slush fund. No investors. No business loan. No email list or backup plan or advocates.

But I knew my ‘thing’. I had the skills. Heck, I’ve been arranging connections between people since I was 4-years-old and I’d collected everyone’s phone numbers to sort out playdates.

And saw the need. I watched women like me who were blazing and brilliant at their thing falling over and giving up because the online world wasn’t kind to them, or they’d bought into a way it ‘had’ to be done and felt like failures, or were driving themselves into the ground and humming with Mum guilt, faltering marriages, unhappy families at home.

What began as personal obsession years before with online marketing and a hunger to consume entrepreneurial, self-development, and business podcasts, along with a curious love of tech and my passion for teaching – well, it all suddenly made sense.

So, I began.

I built a profitable, scalable, enviable biz that started while I was breastfeeding and typing with one hand.

Now, I teach Mums in biz how to do the same.

* Breastfeeding optional

We started without much. Now we’ve attracted a global tribe of empowered, connected women – over 50K beloved biz mums getting noticed and building powerful online brands.

We deliver courses, workshops, membership programs, and online communities. We offer teaching, mentoring, industry experts, and biz building opportunities to Mums powering through to create empires of their dreams.

Their dreams. Not anyone else’s.

They’re joyfully standing out, saving time, kicking overwhelm to the curb. They’re Mums all over the world from diverse backgrounds who’ve lived through a range of experiences getting education, finding a community, and uncovering a clear path to achieve their own specific versions of success.

And me? Well, my husband and I now have two little boys under 5 and an incredible, connected life where we both work in the business together to deliver even more valuable learning to our community.

I’ve found my superpower – an uncanny way of engaging students and helping to unlock their potential. Education quals.+ digital CEO.

Guess it adds up! #servingnotselling

Hustle doesn’t have to be hideous. Success doesn’t have to look a certain way. Business can be easy, joyful, and beautifully abundant. And you can break any rule you like.

I coach and mentor women to design their life first and business second – by harnessing the superpower of socials media as part of a complete digital strategy.

One that aligns with who they are at their core. One that makes them feel bold and brilliant about their marketing.

I teach follower to customer journey, email marketing, blogging, podcasting, digital product development, online presence, launching, and always, always where I started – Instagram and social media.

No icky selling required. No selling of souls. No having to make a choice. Because I believe success is inevitable. (And you will too if you hang out with me enough.)

Best bit? You’ll be doing it not only with me, but thousands of other Biz Mamas just like you who are finding the confidence to step into the limelight and build  dropdead gorgeous online businesses.

Being part of Mums With Hustle?

It’s like going out for smoothie bowls with your best (business) friend. Or coffee. Or both. OK #addicted

Need some #podcast inspo? Listen here.