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How to create epic Instagram tiles like pro!

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by Tracy Harris in Blog
June 3, 2016 2 comments
Instagram tiles
Instagram tiles

With in-depth Canva Video Tutorial

Create Instagram Tiles Like a Pro

Most of us are not designers. We are bloggers, makers, speakers, entertainers but that doesn’t mean we can suddenly become designers.

I just not a graphic designer, it’s not my strength. I mean, I know what I want things to look like (positing things and talking about a concept), but making that come to life on a computer…

So, what's bizmum to do?

  • Invest in fancy high end graphics programs - No
  • Spend 40 hours learning that new software - No
  • Pay a graphic designer to do it for you - No

Actually, I am happy to say, you can do it yourself and its actually fun 🙂

I have found a few super simple FREE tools that even I can use. I actually use these for some of my posts on Instagram and blog images.

Let me say, just because they are free doesn't mean they are crap. Actually, they are so good, I feel like I should be paying for them!

So, if you're not a designer but you want to create great looking tiles for your Instagram or blog. I have 2 tools here that will make you cry out with joy!

I've also got a video walkthrough freebie that is going to make the process even easier! Woohoo!

Let’s get into the first resource:


Stock Images

Looking for FREE stock images? This is the place to go.

LibreStock searches over 40+ free stock photo websites and gives all search results in one hit. You then just click on the image you like and it takes you to that website for you to download that image. Easy as that.

Stock Image

These are royalty free and I use them for background images on my blog posts and Instagram tiles.

Then you can use these images in the next tool I am going to talk about - Canva.

CANVA - With Video Freebie

You have probably heard of Canva before. Well, it is the ultimate free tool that allows you to create designs of all shapes and sizes. I believe anyone can use it - I picked it up in about 10 mins.

You can pick and select your design and dimensions with the templates provided or start from scratch and then you just fill in the blanks and add things as you please. Some of my fav design templates are:

  • Instagram - for my Mums With Hustle posts
  • Blog Graphic - To create cover images for the Friday blog posts (like this one 🙂
  • Facebook Cover - To create my Biz Club banners
  • A4 - To create some of my printables
Instagram Tile

You can get a little more creative by choosing from different text and elements and you can add your own images to Canva and integrate them into your designs.

Instagram tile
Instagram Tile

Canva Video Tutorial 

My husband (Mr Hustle) is my graphic designer and does all the ‘behind the scenes’ tech related stuff so I asked him to create you an awesome video walkthrough on Canva.

In this in depth 17 min tutorial, he takes you through exactly how to use Canva, from signing up all the way to creating your first Instagram tile. It’s so awesome and I know you will love it

You are officially a graphic designer (kind of).

So there you have it. Not as daunting as you first thought, right?

Get onto Canva and give it a go. You will have fun and might come out of it with some great designs.

Have any other tools you want to share? Comment below and share your fav graphics design tool.

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Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.