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FOMO, Gut Instinct and Confidence

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by Tracy Harris in Blog
August 5, 2016 0 comments
FOMO, Gut Instinct and Confidence
FOMO, Gut Instinct and Confidence

FOMO Gut Instinct and Confidence

So this is what it feels like to work (hustle) on the train…



I’m writing this for you, raw and real, as I commute into the City to meet up with some lovely ladies (so wish I could say) to discuss how we can collaborate together to support Mumpreneurs. How exciting! I haven’t met these ladies in person before. In fact, I have only had a FaceTime chat with one of them and I’ve sent no more than two emails to the other but yet here I am, on the train, heading to meet them because I am following my gut and my gut says this is a good opportunity.

​This entrepreneurial journey is full of uncomfortable feelings but damn it’s good and FUN!

I am finally putting into practice all of the mindset, self help, leadership, teaching, writing, social media experience, blogging experience, event planning and relationship skills that I have acquired in the past 10 years BUT I’m using these skills in a completely new way.

It’s refreshing.
It’s empowering.
It’s on my terms.
It’s helping others and it makes me happy.

FOMO, Gut Instinct and Confidence

Now the challenge with things being “on my own terms” is that it can be quite tricky to discern what things to say yes to and what things to say no to. When you’re in the early stages of setting up your own business I feel like (for me anyway) it’s easy to just say yes to things out of FOMO but it’s also just as easy to say no to things out of fear - fear of the unknown.


I could easily have been sitting at home right now, dreaming about creating the platform that Mums With Hustle is. I could have brushed it off as too hard or too time consuming (with a toddler and a part-time job).I could have found a million reasons to be scared about it.


Trust me, this is scary - pretty much ALL THE TIME. The reason I started and the reason I keep going is because I BELIEVE in this. There is a NEED for Mums to receive this type of content in the way we present it at MWH. There is a need for community. There is a need for Mums to feel understood and supported in creating their dream biz whilst having the element of freedom that working for yourself can give you.

Knowing this, and hearing how much value individuals are getting, and how many friendships and masterminds are blossoming because of MWH, is so humbling and really motivating for me as I continue to build MWH.

So why am I telling you all of this?

A large part of Mums With Hustle is learning from each other, in other words, passing it on and making the next Mama’s journey that little bit less intimidating and helping them to be a lot more informed.

I’m sharing my feelings and experiences of what it’s like to build a biz from the ground up because I want you to know the reality as it happens! I don’t want to experience everything and blog about it later. I want to blog about it while I’m in the thick of it with YOU. I will always pass on what I know to be true and valuable information and resources.

That’s why I am writing this post, that’s why Mums With Hustle exists.

So as I sit here on the train, about to explain my WHY for Mum With Hustle to two young savvy women, I encourage you to pursue that thing that keeps you up at night.

Butterflies are good. It means you care. It means you’re onto something that matters.

If you have an idea, something that you can’t stop thinking about, just give yourself the permission to write it down. Grab some post-it notes and do a brain dump of all the reasons why it WILL work. Be free about it. Get crazy with your ideas. Don’t reign yourself in. Go nuts with your ideas. Think as big as you can. Allow yourself to go on crazy tangents. See where it takes you.

If you could do the thing that your heart desires without any limits and without and fear what would it be? Who would you contact? What event would you attend? What course would you buy? What venture would you start? Who would you collaborate with over social media?

There comes a point when you have to decide if you’re going to have a go or if you’re going to stay the same. Both are scary but I know which one I fear more. How about you?

gut instinct and confidence

If confidence is the underlying issue for you, girl, you gotta work on that. Good news is, it’s possible to manage your lapses in confidence and develop yourself into the person you want to be.

For confidence techniques, check out my podcast interview with Jodie Bruce Clarke from Rise Women. Jodie is the BOMB! She’s a Mum, life coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker. In fact, if you are a Sydney resident, grab your ticket to our August event where Jodie will be speaking all about CONFIDENCE!

You can grab your ticket here​



Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.