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How To Hustle With Hashtags

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Guest Post
June 24, 2016 1 comment

Written by Charlie from



Hi, I'm Charlie


And you should too !!

Because it's a simple, effective way of getting our message in front of the people who need to hear it.

A hashtag is essentially a search filter and, used wisely, puts us in front of an audience infinitely greater in number than our own current following.

Priceless exposure, particularly at a time when the organic reach of professionals using Social Media for business purposes is increasingly restricted.


This shift in the way our content is presented means that we must get savvy in order to stay on top. Literally.

Because the honey pot lies in keeping our content at the top of people's newsfeeds & search results.

The Beauty of Hashtags

A fascinating social media tool, it unites communities, growing them from one person here to a virtual tribe the world over at the speed of light.

They spread messages like wildfire and can communicate millions of images, or a simple humble business ethic, with just one word.


They place our pictures right under their index fingers, in a multitude of virtual spaces we wouldn't be visible in without them - think search results, explorer pages and suggested profile pop ups!!

How It Works

The top quality of our pictures then compels them to LiKE what they see.

Our simple, smart caption reels them in for a closer look - and that sharp bio we've penned, along with the stunning most recent pictures & posts they're greeted with when they come to check us out, is what ultimately takes them from scrolling to FOLLOWiNG.

For Instagram


To put our brand where they're going to look - by choosing relevant, current, quality hashtags; filled with premium content that they will be inclined to browse - and compelled to engage with.

It helps that there's a culture of niche hashtags on Instagram - filled with the posts of creatives who take great care to curate their work in these aesthetically stunning spaces.

This means quality content, with a high level of engagement - and it's our ability to seek out these hashtag communities, and determine which ones align with our own offerings, that will reap the richest returns for our social media investment.

Here's My Advice


For accounts starting out, use the full 30 hashtags allowed and give yourself the best possible chance of maximum exposure at this crucial stage of developing your online community.

Also, go for a leisurely scroll through them. Like what you Like, have a chat, say a simple hello - it could lead to a million things....

For Facebook we're looking at using hashtags in a much more simplistic form, because they're generally not embraced here in the same way as they are on Instagram. So the focus is key words that represent our business, brand, products and services.

Just as with Instagram, we're thinking like our customers, and we want to make sure that our content is coming up in their search results when they come looking for what we're producing.


Don't load your captions here with hashtags, use 5/6 tops.

Use the new search page to check what's trending and tie it in with your posts, and with your hashtags.

And use your custom hashtag every time you post so your profile and your posts are as easy as possible for your people to find.

Come On Girls Let's Fly

Still debating wether or not to use hashtags, or how many to include on each post?

Remember that if we want our content at the top of our people's newsfeeds, hashtags are an authentic, organic way of putting it there - without paying for the privilege.

So give yourself the best possible chance of social media success and get on board.

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Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.