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MWH 162 : How She Built Her Brand With Live Video with Lisa Corduff of Small Steps Living

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by Tracy Harris in Podcasts
December 17, 2018 0 comments

How She Built Her Brand With Live Video

I am a huge lover of live video and how it can elevate your marketing and increase sales.

So I'm super excited for today's episode because we're chatting all about video with a very special guest!


Today's guest is Lisa Corduff! Lisa launched her online business with three kids under four at her feet. In the past four years she has built a thriving business by outsourcing and staying in her zone of genius – she doesn’t have time for mucking around!

Not only does she serve a generation of women looking to simplify their life and eat more wholefoods via her Small Steps programs and Membership, she also teaches online business owners the power of authentic video marketing – helping women bust through their fears and become more visible – because everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and connection is the key to ick-free marketing online.


During this episode, Lisa is going to share her best strategies to help you grow your digital brand with live video.

1. Introducing Lisa!

Lisa is seriously incredible, and I'm so excited for you to meet her!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Lisa Corduff?
What is Lisa's biz journey?
How did Lisa found her biz?

2. Lisa's First Live Video

Lisa's first live video was a webinar on Wholefoods! In this section, Lisa's discussing her thoughts and feelings surrounding her first ever live video.

Key Points We Discussed:

How did Lisa feel before, during, and after her first live video?
In what ways does live video build trust with your audience?
What was they key to Lisa's first take on going live?

  • She allowed herself to be bad at it with the reasoning of, “Expect the nerves and get on with it anyway!”

3. Using Live Video To Grow Your Brand

Live video has had a massive impact in helping Lisa build her community. In this section, Lisa is sharing her insight into how she uses live video to grow her brand.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is Lisa's go-to live video platform?

What is Lisa's current structure/strategy for live video?

  • Strike while the iron is hot.
  • Moments of bravery are so fleeting, embrace them!

How is your perfectionist tendencies holding you back from embracing the power of live video?
What is one of Lisa's client transformations through Live Video?

4. Overcoming The Fear of Live Video

When you let fear take the wheel, you are seriously holding yourself back! In this section, Lisa is discussing how you can overcome the fear of being judged and truly break free to enjoy live video.

Key Points We Discussed:

Why should you not sit in procrastination and fear?
How can someone overcome the fear of being judged on video?
What is the one question you should ask yourself?

  • How can I help someone today?


Want more of Lisa?

Check out her webinar recording of the 5 Mistakes People Make With Online Video and What To Do Instead.

Check It Out



Special thanks to Lisa for being a Mums With Hustle Podcast guest!

Find the fear and do it anyways! I challenge you to show up in your IG Stories via video and tag me @mumswithhustle telling me what you loved the most about this episode.


Lisa is launching a brand new podcast and online TV show in 2019! The details are still kept secret, but keep an eye out!

Instagram: @lisacorduff
Facebook: @lisacorduff1


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