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MWH 156 : Income and Impact: How To Sell From A Place of Service with Sonya Driver of Eco Tan

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
November 5, 2018 0 comments

Income and Impact: How To Sell From A Place of Service

The beautiful thing about making money is that you have the opportunity to make an impact with your income by being committed to positive change and creating a difference in the world.

When you sell from a place of service, you will see that entrepreneurship is actually quite fun and maybe even a little bit easier than just focusing on chasing money!

I'm so excited for today's episode because you're in for a real treat with today's guest.


I seriously get goosebumps when I meet fellow entrepreneurs who lead their businesses with fierce authenticity and transparency! So I'm quite excited to introduce you to today's guests because she is absolutely incredible.

Today's guest is Sonya Driver. Sonya is a mother, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, soon-to-be author, and founder of Eco Tan. To say Sonya is an inspiring woman would be an absolute understatement. After Sonya’s sister was diagnosed with melanoma at age 30, Sonya was determined to give women a safer alternative to tanning, body care and skincare.


During this episode, Sonya is going to spill some actionable tips on how to rock the start up phase of business, ways to remain authentic and transparent for your tribe, and the importance of selling from a place of service.

1. Introducing Sonya!

Sonya is one bad-ass biz babe who is committed to positive change and making a difference to leave a legacy.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Sonya Driver?
What is Sonya's biz journey?
How did Sonya found her biz?

2. Why You Should Be Resilient

Sonya's story is so incredible and she's overcome a lot of darkness in order to grow a thriving business and engaged tribe. In this section, Sonya shares more about her story and her top recommendations on remaining resilient in life and business.

Key Points We Discussed:

What has Sonya overcome?
How has Sonya been so resilient?

  • Start small, but just start.
  • Move forward bit by bit.
  • Know your worth, strength, and value.

Why should you never give up?

3. Selling From A Place of Service

Sonya seriously rocked the startup phase and Eco Tan made Australian history. In this section, she's sharing how she rocked the startup phase to begin selling from a place of service!

Key Points We Discussed:

The reason why you don't need money to rock the start up phase.
Why you shouldn't be trapped by the pursuit of perfection?
Questions you need to answer before starting a business?

  • What are you good at?
  • How can you make that commercial?

4. Remaining Authentic in Business

Sonya's business was founded on authenticity, transparency and heart. Her brand has amassed a massive following on Instagram with over 120K followers. In this section, Sonya is sharing how her brand remains authentic and transparent in business AND how to truly make an impact on Instagram.

Key Points We Discussed:
How to remain transparent in your business?

  • Hire from attitude and values.
  • Be prepared to not be liked by everyone.
  • Make sure you are authentic in all that you do.
  • Create trust with your audience.
  • Don't be in business for the money.

Why you shouldn't let the haters bother you?
How to make an impact on Instagram?

  • Be you on Instagram. Don't copy other brands!
  • Post consistently.
  • Use influencer marketing.
  • Always engaging with your audience.


Sonya and her team put a bundle together of products from Eco Tan! It has over $200 worth of Eco Tan products.

Here's how to enter:

  • Follow @mumswithhustle and @ecotan
  • Comment on a recent post by Eco Tan using the hashtag #MumsWithHustle e.g. “Hi Sonya, I listened to your interview on the #MumsWithHustle podcast!”

Giveaway closes at 5:00 AM November 12, 2018.

Eco Tan will contact the winner or make an announcement in their Instagram Stories 48 hours after the Giveaway ends.

Entrants must be living in Australia and be 18+ years. Not endorsed by Instagram.


Special thanks to Sonya for being a Mums With Hustle Podcast guest (even with severe jet lag!).

As always, if you're feeling brave I want you to take a picture of you or your surroundings, and tag me @mumswithhustle in your Instagram Stories showing me how you make an impact with your income.

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Sonya has so many products in final production at the moment. So get excited because new tanning products, skincare products and a new range of make-up are coming out early next year! Sonya has even written a Business Manual that will help YOU start the business you have been thinking about.

Instagram: @ecotan
Facebook: @ecotanaus


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