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MWH 025 : How to make an impact with flat lay photography with Nicole Ward (Shalimar Baby Box)

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
March 21, 2016 0 comments
Flat lay



Flat lay photography – Making an impact

Joining me on the podcast today is a biz mum who caught my eye on Instagram with her stunning flat lay photography!


Flat Lay Photography


Flat lays are a trending thing in terms of social media photography, particularly on Instagram. We know that strong images on social media are key to getting likes, engagement and followers that we aim to make into customers!

It’s always really exciting chatting to start up mumpreneurs and I really believe that if you want to learn a specific thing in business there’s no one better to go to than someone who is killing it at that thing right now!


Because it’s relevant, purposeful info that you can action in your current setting and that’s going to give you way more chance of success when you apply these learning to your own biz.

That’s the beauty about a community! We are all in this journey together and we all have so much to offer!

Are you ready to meet this inspiring biz mum?

It’s with so much joy that I introduce you to Nicole Ward from Shalimar Baby Box because as I mentioned already, she sure knows how to make her biz stand out! At Shalimar Baby Box they create the world’s most gorgeous baby boxes with a difference.

As well as being business savvy and she’s social media savvy and everything she shares can be learned and actioned by you too, including those stunning flat lays, which Nicole so generously shares tips on.

Shalimar Baby Box family

Flat Lay Handbook

To get those tips in your hot little hands, I have created a handbook for you that you can grab here.

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So if improving your photos has been a goal for you as has connecting with other Instagram brands, flat lay are something that you begin to work on because they’ll help you with both of those things! Why?
1) Impressive photographs attract engagement
2) Flat lays allow you photograph products from a range of brands and makes for shoutouts and tagging other accounts an easy and fun way to start building on those business connections.

There’s so much gold shared in this episode from a Mama just like you and I. Are you ready to join us?

Let’s get into it!

Connect up with Nicole

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Want more on photography?

You can check out my interview with Louise from Click Love Grow for some more photography tips!

Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.