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MWH 033 : How Can I Get My Followers To Become Customers? Dr. Amanda Waaldyk (Angea Acupuncture & Yoga)

Marketing on Instagram?

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
May 16, 2016 0 comments
customers become followers

Followers into customers

Get My Followers To Become Customers

This week’s guest is the owner of a service-based business who has seen significant growth in her biz by using Instagram to find her ideal clients, grow an online community and connect with her tribe in a most genuine way. What’s more is, she’s been able to build a strong rapport with her followers, before they become clients and customers.

Dr. Amanda Waaldyk, is a Melbourne-based Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, who started Angea Acupuncture and Yoga (Angea) clinic in 2007.

Angea was established to help, love and nurture women experiencing difficulties conceiving, and support them on their journey to fertility by using Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and therapeutic yoga. She’s here to share her biz journey with us as well as some practices that help keep her mindset strong and her business moving from strength to strength.

This is a deeply personal episode as Amanda shares so much of her vulnerable self with us. She’s super committed to her why and her values that underpin every aspect of her work. Together with her team, Dr Amanda has been able to create a strong culture of compassion and community.

Now, Amanda is a busy mother of two, so she get’s the hustle when it comes to running your own social media and being present in your bricks and mortar business. She believes in the power of a strong social media presence, Instagram is her fave! She believes in delivering great content, collaboration, community and face-to-face connections.

Ready to dive in as we chat about:

  • Amanda’s start-up journey
  • Tips for coping with overwhelm and stress for a work at home Mum.
  • How to effectively market your service based biz on Instagram.
  • How to use social media to help build your tribe.
  • How to create a culture and community.
  • What to post on Instagram as a service-based biz.
  • Advice for building a stronger bond with your clients.
  • How to go about finding your ideal client online.
  • How to convert your Instagram followers into clients.

To celebrate Dr Amanda being on the podcast, her and the team at Angea Acupuncture and Yoga are offering our MWH tribe a free gift!

Followers to become customers


To access your a free gift the “ Hormonal Lifestyle Guide”, simply sign up to Agea by visiting their website

In addition, Dr Amanda is offering all listeners 20% of a consultation and any Angea herbs purchased online, simply mention Mums With Hustle in your email to [email protected]


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Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.