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MWH 114 : How To Get What You Want – 4 Steps to Achieving Your Wildest Success

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
December 18, 2017 0 comments

How To Get What You Want – 4 Steps to Achieving Your Wildest Success

How often do you give yourself the time to plan your future, to dream big, to set yourself up for success and drive what matters most to you and your family? Whether it's for you personally, your biz, or in general, setting and achieving goals is essential for growth.

Goal setting can often be frustrating or even non existent as a parent! I know it.

Taking the time to think through the next year when you can't even see past this week seems like an almost impossible task. #SoFrustrating

Not to mention, your previous year may also not have gone exactly to plan, then on top of that, trying to put structure around these aspirations is tough because you want your goals to end up being meaningful and not just a load fluffy BS…

Goal setting is no easy thing.

I know that we are not one dimensional beings. We can't just set goals for our biz and expect success to greet us in every other aspect of our lives. We are mothers with ambition and untapped potential that we need to use to drive success into our daily lives.


Oh, yeeeeeah! Welcome to our last podcast episode of 2017. 😊 This episode is proudly brought to you by Your Year (YY). Your Year is my signature process and framework delivered in a 25 page workbook, to help keep your goal setting simple, easy, actionable and achievable. It's my no fluff, no BS goal setting guide to getting sh*t done.

I'm all about hustling with heart and purpose. Today, I put together a free training so you, my beautiful bizmums, can get exactly what you want in all different aspects of your life. Are you ready to be all in? Are you ready to relish in massive success?

Don't be afraid to press pause, write that shiz down, and give your ideas life on paper.

Let's get into it!


  • The 4 steps to getting what you want
  • The importance of getting clear on what you want
  • How to spring clean your mind and get rid of any self-limiting beliefs
  • Ways to handle internal, external, and philosophical forces that are holding you back
  • How to own it by asking yourself “how bad do you want it?”
  • The difference between saying and doing
  • What one key separates the dreamers and the doers
  • Why you should just do it


  • Why you shouldn't be sending mixed messages into the universe and instead should sit down to figure out what you truly want
  • Ways to control and break through your internal forces that are holding you back
  • What external forces do you need to remove from your life in order to move forward
  • How to understand that your goals will impact other areas of your life, but you've got to own it
  • Why you should prepare to be uncomfortable and vulnerable
  • Just. Do. It. The struggle might be real, but you have to make the leap and take action


  • You are not a tree, you can get up and move at anytime.
  • Smash your self limiting beliefs.
  • The most important thing is not just consuming this content, it's taking action.
  • Stop being too fearful to set goals.


Take this free training to the next level and support yourself fully by purchasing Your Year for only $49!

It actually blew my mind. Awesome resource. Loved reflecting and then getting excited and actionable about next year! So glad I met up with a fellow bizmum to discuss it too. Made us get the biz goosebumps 🙌🏼

 – Holly Motherhood Melbourne


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