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MWH 115 : My 5 Focuses For 2018

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
January 15, 2018 0 comments

My 5 Focuses For 2018

It's officially 2018 !! Woohoo!!! Listen up, mama, you've got to sit down, grab a glass of wine or a smoothie (or whatever makes your big heart happy), and list out your focuses for the year.

If you're signed up for my emails, then you're already aware that Karl (aka Mr. Hustle, as some mamas have dubbed him) has joined MWH full-time. It was a HUGE and SCARY change, but that's what entrepreneurship is about. We stepped into the world of entrepreneurship to create the life that we want by living a life by design.

So, with a full-time Mr. Hustle and official office hours (eek!), the hubby and I have sorted out what we are focusing on for the year, and I'm eager to share it with you!


In this episode, I'm revealing the five core areas of business that we're focusing on here at Mums With Hustle HQ (aka my office, kitchen, or wherever else I feel like hustling from).


I truly hope you take some time (consider it your Monday self-care routine) and listen to this entire podcast. If you can't listen and you'd rather have a quick read – here's a recap of what I discussed. Just remember that the juicy details are saved for those ears!

1. Keeping Up With My Mastermind (MM)

Totally not a Keeping Up With The Kardashians reference… Anyway, the hubby and I are part of this kick-ass couples/parents MM where we all understand each other's point of view and place.

Key Points I Discussed:

What's the purpose of an MM?
Do we all share or serve the same audience?

How do you know when you've outgrown your MM?

2. Dating Again – Every Month

I'm really excited that I'm going to start dating my hubby again. Sure this might sound like it's completely random, but we take a whole life approach when we think about the new year. One of our goals for 2018 is to actually have monthly husband and wife dates. We're required to leave the house (no Netflix & Chill, haha!) and schedule in proper couple time!

Key Points I Discussed:

How does this pertain to my business goals?
Where can you find tons of fun idea and raw + authentic into how other mamas are dating their hubby's?

3. Following My Intuition

This one is HUUUUGE for me. I'm going to start leaning in and paying more attention to my intuition. Listen, we're all born with intuition, but many of us have learnt to switch off or ignore our intuitive signs. We soldier on. Well, no more, my friends. I have decided to reconnect with my intuition and trust myself more.

Key Points I Discussed:

How am I learning to say no by being more self aware?
How am I reconnecting with my intuition?
Am I utilising manifestation?

If getting in line with your intuition is something you want to work on, I recommend checking out How To Succeed When You're Biz Ideas Aren't Mainstream with Natalie Stokell of Placenta Vitality.

4. Knowledge Is Power

That quote by Warren Buffet, “The more you learn, the more you earn,” is so unbelievably true. When you're in business, you want to grow as a person and give back. So this year, we're focusing on learning more to help give back to my tribe.

Key Points I Discussed:

What are we going to learn here at MWH?

  • Facebook Ads – They're ever changing and we want master them for greater exposure!
  • Affiliate Marketing – Knowing more about affiliate marketing, so some of you mamas can come on board and rep us! So, if you have an audience that you feel would benefit greatly from one of our products or trainings at MWH then there might be an opportunity for you to share our products with your audience, and if anyone ever buys it, you get a kick-back!
  • Content Marketing – I am obsessed with helping mums use the power of telling your story to create a brand story for yourself. I'm allllllll about authentic connecting. I believe people buy from people. They buy the WHY, not the WHAT you sell or offer. So, I want to up-skill myself more in content marketing, and then pass that on to you guys!
  • Mindset, Psychology, and Relationships – I'm always working to understand myself and help others tap into that, so we can help ourselves grow. Remember, we can't give what we haven't got ourselves, and at the root of all that is being self aware.

5. Growth

It's our word of the year, and it encompasses SO many aspects of our lives – business, income goals, family, and relationships.

Key Points I Discussed:

How I want to be able to help my students and clients GROW to their next level?
Who I'm going to be gearing my time, talents, products, and offerings on?

HINT – It's my hungry Mother Hustlers.


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This episode is proudly brought to you by Your Year – my no fluff, no b.s. goal-setting guide to getting sh*t done in 2018. I'm so excited to continue sharing your success stories and the amazing things that are happening for all of you. Some of that has started to unfold with my Instagram Audit and Coaching services, our ebooks, and the return of Hashtag Hustle.

Are you ready to live a life by design? I think you are. Stay happy in the hustle, lovely. I hope you have a truly magnificent, healthy, happy, and prosperous year.

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