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MWH 109 : Planning For A Successful Business Photoshoot: My Secrets Revealed

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
November 13, 2017 0 comments

Planning For A Successful Business Photoshoot: My Secrets Revealed

When it comes to business expenses, professional photography should be at the top of your list. Yep, for real. Investing in gorgeous pictures to elevate your biz is a #nobrainer. The world is visual. It's obvious that in the digital age, your business will need great visual content to be successful.

I know that when you're first starting your biz it can quickly feel like you're spending more money than your little business is bringing in. But professional photos are SO worth it in the long run – trust me, lovely.

Now, if the idea of jumping in front of the camera is already making you a nervous wreck, relax! I've got you covered with several actionable secrets to help you eliminate the jitters and plan a successful photoshoot ahead of time.


It's just me and you for this episode, girlfriend! I just recently had a photoshoot done for myself and MWH with the crazy talented Jade Warne of @Hipster_Mum. My amazing experience with this photoshoot inspired this episode. Seriously, she's a #TotalWeapon.

Today I'm going to share my secrets on how to prep for a business photoshoot, so you feel excited and empowered to get your own pictures done with confidence.


  • Why visual assets are so powerful
  • The importance of knowing your brand story, so you can communicate it visually
  • How to set your scene
  • Tips to get your head in the game
  • How to grab your audience's attention
  • Ways to showcase your products
  • Why you should use other biz products in your flatlays
  • How to utilise Pinterest to prepare for your shoot
  • The importance of working on yourself and your own self-confidence


  • Why you need to know what your business mission and vision are
  • Ways to understand your audience and what they respond to
  • How to communicate a feeling with your product shots
  • Why you should tag other businesses in your flatlays to increase your chance of being reposted
  • Creating a mood board on Pinterest with inspo for your photoshoot
  • Envisioning your scene and how you want it to feel
  • Why you should invest in yourself and a stylist
  • Quick wardrobe tips
  • Heartfelt advice regarding your own image and self-confidence


  • For styling, I worked with the ladies from Designer Style List! They totally nailed and curated very on point looks complete with accessories for my shoot.
  • For my #MWHLife styling, I worked with Case from Chasing Case (which is an online clothing store for mums!). Find her on Instagram: @chasingcaseclothing.
  • For my props, I used a custom created hashtag that was made for me by Angela Sibley at Decor Me.


The more you prep for your photoshoot, the better it will be. You will be able to communicate your brand story to your audience in a very visually striking, absolutely magnetic way. – Tracy Harris


I absolutely LOVED my photoshoot with Jade. She was all over it, and I felt completely comfortable. I want all of the mums in my tribe (yes, that means YOU!) to feel beautiful, confident, and excited about your next photoshoot. Do you know what that means…?

Yep, Mums With Hustle is partnering with Hipster Mum to give you 50% off half and full-day shoots! Eek!!! You can walk away with a killer photoshoot and gorgeous visual assets for as little as $750!

All you have to do to redeem this offer is shoot Jade (see what I did there?? 😜) an email at [email protected].


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Marketing on Instagram?

Grab my FREE Instagram Stories Strategy Pack and learn how to structure high converting IG Stories in seconds.