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MWH 189 : How She Turned Her Hobby Into A Business with Casey Patch of Little Lifelong Learners

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
July 1, 2019 0 comments
MWH 189 - How She Turned Her Hobby Into A Business with Casey Patch

How She Turned Her Hobby Into A Business

What do you think is possible for you in your own business when you truly step in fully and give it your all? I know you're passionate about designing a life that you love. Maybe this also includes designing a business that gives you more time with your family? A business that does not have to be overwhelming and all consuming? Would you finally stop thinking of your business as a hobby?

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, guess what. It can be your reality.

Recently, I shared how Vanya Insull turned her food blog into a business. Now, I'm sharing how another biz babe turned her hobby into a business.

Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Casey Patch has achieved this coveted work-life balance simply by going all in to turn her hobby into her business. This mindset shift allowed her to retire her husband from his job so that they both can be more present for their children.

Her business, Little Lifelong Learners, supports parents and early years educators who want to learn playfully with their little learners!

During today's episode, we're going to hear all about how passionate Casey is about designing a life she wants to live with a business that allows her life to be everything she's ever dreamed of. Casey will also be sharing why your business does not have to be overwhelming, how she has taken consistent action, and what is possible for you in business when you give it your all.

Key Takeaways:

>> [0:36] Let's take a moment to shout out some of the amazing #MWHPodcast reviews that listeners have left lately. I cannot thank you all enough for your 5 🌟 reviews!

>> [2:11] You know I absolutely LOVE a good success story, and today's episode is just that! I'm chatting with someone who has taken some huge leaps to grow her business.

>> [3:34] Today's guest is Casey Patch, a member of The Social Method Society. She has been in the Society for a while now, and I always see her taking consistent action, not running around as if she's overwhelmed, and she's a very intentional action-taker.

>> [4:31] You're going to love meeting Casey! She is a passionate teacher turned stay at home mum. Casey loved teaching but lost her contract when she fell pregnant with her first child. She decided to start making her own “printables” to help support her family's income. These “printables” support parents who want to learn playfully with their children.

>> [7:41] Casey knew that she wanted to turn her hobby into a business and so she put her head down and put in the work to grow her business. She realised that it was time to get serious, shifted her mindset and invested to set a solid foundation for her biz. That foundation was my online course, Hashtag Hustle!

>> [12:39] As a business owner, Casey has always valued personal development. Before she joined The Social Method Society, Casey's work/life balance was terrible because she tended to work 24/7 in any pocket of time.

>> [16:06] Casey decided to go all in and developed an ideal work week with specific tasks that she must complete during that set time. This is called time blocking.

Casey's Ideal Work Week

  • She invested in family daycare 2 days per week so she could work uninterrupted. This was ideal so she could focus on mum life for the rest of the week and then only working during naptime.
  • Now, Casey works 3 days a week unless during launches.

>> [19:38] Casey used to suffer from imposter syndrome. She wants Mums With Hustle Podcast listeners to never compare yourself to others and their journey. You need to realise that you are an expert in your field and you only need to be a few steps ahead of your ideal customer. You’ve been in their shoes – how can you help them? Be the support you wish you had!

>> [23:39] Email marketing is actually a huge part of a successful Instagram marketing strategy. Casey used to hate writing emails. However, once she realised she could do her own thing with her email campaigns, she started to love email marketing and the massive income it can bring in.

>> [27:56] Email marketing does have a cost, but for me the biggest and best investment I made for my business was email marketing!

>> [29:23] Casey's money goals shifted massively. When Casey started seeing her sales increase month by month, she became quite excited and ready to grow and scale!

>> [31:25] Casey and her husband knew that the ultimate goal was to retire her husband so they could spend time with their children before the end of the year. Well, she ended up retiring her husband two months into the new year!

>> [36:00] You need to put your goals out there and release them! Your mindset is so powerful and amazing things can happen if you just believe in them.

>> [40:32] Huge shoutout to Casey for joining us on the Mums With Hustle Podcast. Ladies, if you're interested in learning more about The Social Method Society, then the best thing you can do is head to and jump on the waitlist!


Like most business owners, ideas for the future keep coming to Casey! She is preparing to launch a paid membership for parents who want to learn playfully with their little learners. She's also considering expanding into eCourses so that she can support parents with their struggles by making playtime easy, fun and memorable!

Instagram: @littlelifelonglearners
Facebook: @littlelifelonglearners
Pinterest: casey_patch


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