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MWH 121 : When What Should Be Working, Isn’t Working With Lauren White

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
February 26, 2018 0 comments

When What Should Be Working, Isn't Working

So much about business and entrepreneurship can be a slow burn. When you're a bizmum you need to have trust and confidence, while knowing yourself and your biz. All of these aspects can be incredibly hard to achieve, so I've invited a special guest onto the podcast to chat all about your balance radar and how to make things work when they aren't working.


If you blush pretty easily, today's episode is about to burn you up! I'm so excited to be chatting with Lauren White, a sexologist based in Brisbane, who assists her many satisfied clients to reinvigorate their sexual power and their intimate lives.

Now, I know some bizmums are going to be like, “Wait a minute Tracy, what's this got to do with business?”, and I've got to tell ya… EVERYTHING!

Lauren is not only going to be sharing how she helps women release their psychological blocks that prevent them from fully stepping into their sexuality, but she's also going to get real about her major biz barriers that prevented her success (like reaching her ideal target audience) and how she's working to overcome them.

Are you ready for some major girl talk? Let's get into it, and welcome Lauren to the virtual couch!!


I absolutely love Lauren and her passion for creating an entire business that is for her ideal client avatar, but also something she is incredibly passionate about. She's gone through some major bizmum troubles – hello, comparison syndrome. As always, the best bits are kept for your ears… so make sure you give the podcast a listen for a lot of juicy tips and information!

1. Introducing Lauren!

Lauren is a nurse turned sexologist, who has a passion for helping women who feel blocked and anxious in their sex life… She's a major sex geek who has had to go through some major bizmum troubles to grow into a woman who feels a lot more certain about what her message is and what she has to offer.

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Lauren White?
What is Lauren's biz journey?
Why is growing your business as a mum is not easy?

What is Lauren's one piece of advice for a woman entrepreneur who is not yet a mum?

  • Anticipate your post-partum recovery, so you don't have to feel stressed or pressured to go back to your business.
  • Women need to re-cooperate and replenish.
  • Slow down – do a little bit here and there, rather than full-volume.
  • Don't burn yourself out.

2. Lauren's Work and Mission

Lauren's passion, drive, and libido loves working with women who crave a sense of safety and comfort in sex.

Key Points We Discussed:

What is Lauren's work and mission?
Why don't crazy sex tips work or translate into helping women have a better sex life?

How does Lauren help women feel comfortable in their body during sex?

  • Lauren helps shift any apprehension and negativity towards acceptance and positivity.
  • Lauren teaches how to quiet your mind and focus on your body.

Is there a ripple effect between sex and the way she embraces her power and the rest of her life?

3. Lauren's Major Barriers and Blocks

As bizmums, we all experience major barriers and blocks that affect our ability to connect with our audience and grow our business. Learn more about Lauren's major barriers and blocks that she's had to overcome in order to hone in on her business model and get clear on her message!

Key Points We Discussed:

What is an internal blockage that Lauren has experienced?

  • Lauren moved from the mindset of scarcity and feeling as if she “Doesn't have enough.” in regards to followers, email list, clients, etc. She shifted into the mindset of abundance and self-worth..

What are some external blockages that Lauren experienced?

  • Lauren has struggled to advertise and sponsor her posts on social media.
  • Women don't feel comfortable following Lauren on social media because they don't want their friends or partner to know they follow someone who posts about sex.

What's one philosophical belief that has had an impact on Lauren's success?

  • Lauren learned to let go of her ego and started to offer what she genuinely wanted to offer.

4. Knowing Your Ideal Client

Women struggle to define and find their ideal client. Lauren always creates content with her ideal client in mind, but how has she gotten to know her avatar?

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Lauren's ideal avatar?
How did Lauren find her? – It's not what you think!
How does Lauren plan her content for her ideal client?


Lauren is keen to giveaway three sets of Sexy Mantra Cards.

How To Win:

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It's that simple, happy commenting!


I absolutely loved chatting with Lauren about our libidos as a balance radar in all aspects of our life! She's truly a heart-centered entrepreneur and committed to her mission, and inspired by her why.

Make sure you take some of this advice, and start accepting compliments when you receive them. Don't deflect… be confident!

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Lauren is working on some pretty amazing things this year! For her, 2018 is about content consistency and completion of her book. Currently, 1:1 sessions will remain available and there may be some online offerings in the second half of 2018!

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