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MWH 128 : Email Marketing The Right Way With Shell Higgs Of The Funnelry

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
April 23, 2018 0 comments

Email Marketing The Right Way

Email marketing is so pivotal when it comes to building, nurturing, and creating a long-lasting relationship with your tribe. Writing the perfect email can feel difficult, but writing an entire sequence is another level of tough!

There are always so many questions surrounding email marketing, and how to do it the right way (because yes, there are many wrong ways!), so today I'm bringing an expert on to tap into her email marketing knowledge.


This episode is definitely a juicy one full of some great email marketing strategies to take the way you utilise email to the next level.

Today's guest is Shell Higgs, a funnel strategist and copywriter, who helps female service providers turn their sales funnels into subscriber experiences packed full of honesty and personality. Her work has driven 6-figure launches and grown memberships month after month. When Shell's not fighting against the icky men's club of sleazy selling, she likes to hide from her children, read trashy mysteries and remain single.

During this episode, Shell is going to answer your most pressing questions surrounding email marketing and creating funnels that convert.

So let's give a huge welcome to Shell, and let's get into it!


I hope you have your nerd glasses on and are ready to soak up this episode like a sponge – it's a good one. You're going to learn how to nurture your email list and get more sales! So grab your pen and paper because this episode is packed with hot tips and strategies to help you conduct email marketing the right way.

1. Introducing Shell!

I had the pleasure of working with Shell to create an awesome set of sales emails for the launch of my ultimate Instagram training, Hashtag Hustle!

Key Points We Discussed:

Who is Shell Higgs?
What is Shell's biz journey?
Why is it important to use stories in your email copy to get paid?
How did Shell figure out what her market actually wanted and needed?

2. Copywriting and Your Biz

Shell is so great at painting the picture of what great copywriting can do for your business, and today she's sharing her insider tips to help you level up your copywriting game.

Key Points We Discussed:

What can great copywriting do for your biz?

  • Create 24/7 sales
  • Automation allows you to have a life outside email
  • Get results

How does copywriting pre-validate all of your leads?
In what ways can a bizmum weave her personality into their copy?

3. Overcoming Creative Roadblocks

Shell oozes creativity – it's why she's so great at what she does! So, I had to ask her to provide some info to help bizmums overcome any creative roadblocks to make the most of their copy.

Key Points We Discussed:

How should mums overcome the perfection mindset?
Is there a set way to have the “right” copy?
What does telling stories allow you to do with your copy?

  • Inject your personality into marketing
  • Connect with subscribers
  • Sell with confidence

4. Email Sequences & Lead Magnets

You can't have a successful email sequence without a great lead magnet! Shell is going to spill her secrets on how you can easily map out a successful email sequence from start to finish.

Key Points We Discussed:

How do you map out a successful email sequence?
What are Shell's top actionable strategies when planning outcomes and objections as she's writing sales emails?
Should you have your product ready when you begin your sales emails?

How should a bizmum choose a lead magnet?
When choosing a core lead magnet for your website, what should you consider?


Shell is offering my tribe access to her upcoming 5 day list building challenge that starts Monday the April 30th!

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Shell is gearing up for her upcoming 5 day challenge! It's great for getting your list off the ground or tap her in for free coaching to help you check and refine what you’ve already got.

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Marketing on Instagram?

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