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MWH 129 : Using Facebook Groups To Grow Your Brand

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Podcasts
April 30, 2018 0 comments

Using Facebook Groups To Grow Your Brand

A growing trend in the Facebook world is to establish a Facebook Group for your biz, in addition to your business page. This gives your tribe access to you and your biz so that you can build trust and real relationships by providing value and creating a community.

Navigating the Facebook Group world can be a little mind-boggling, and can sometimes turn into a waste of time if you're not using Facebook Groups properly.

Where should you start? How often should you be hanging out in your group? Do you actually need rules to run a successful Facebook group?

Whoa, mama! Sit back and relax because today I'm sharing how you can start using Facebook Groups to elevate your brand to new levels.


In this episode, I'm revealing how to use Facebook groups to grow your brand. Grab your pen and paper because I'm sharing the three key things you need to know before embarking on having a Facebook group!


I truly hope you take some notes during this episode if you're keen to start your own Facebook group. In this episode, I share some really actionable and practical tips. If you can't listen and you'd rather have a quick read – here's a recap of what I discussed. As always, the juiciest bits are saved for your ears!

1. Know Your Primary (and Secondary) Purpose

If you want to have a successful Facebook Group, you have to know your purpose! We're going to dive into various ways to figure out your primary and secondary purpose. I'll also be chatting about how to NOT use a Facebook Group in this section.

Key Points I Discussed:

How to figure out if your Facebook group should be community based?
Should you have a group primarily for VIPs?
Is it educational based only with you as the expert?

  • Use the group to build credibility and serve your tribe through free value.
  • Let your tribe qualify themselves as to whether or not they'll become paid clients/customers.

Is your group part of a paid program you offer?
How to NOT use a Facebook group?

  • As a replacement for your page.
  • You cannot run ads to your group, so you need to have other means of getting people to join your group.

Should you start a group if your Facebook page is dead?

2. Consistency

You should always show up consistently in all aspects of your biz, but especially in your Facebook Group! It will really shape the energy and flow of your community.

Key Points I Discussed:

How will you add value to your Facebook group?
In what ways will you include video?

  • Pre-recorded video that serve a need or address a topic?
  • Regular live videos?
  • Getting in guests?

Will you have reoccurring threads?
In what ways will you reinforce your group's culture and rules?

  • Decide on your rules and stick to them.
  • Delete posts that break rules, regardless of who it is.

3. Rules

Your Facebook Group has to have RULES. Rules allow your community and the atmosphere in your group to continue to be positive and thriving. When someone breaks your rules, you need to be firm and fair. The best way to be fair is have a culture and a set of rules and communicate them. There are a couple of ways to communicate rules, so I'll dive into these in this section!

Key Points I Discussed:

Where should your rules live?
How can you use the questions in the Member Request form to your advantage?

How to choose your policy for rule breakers?

  • Decide on your policy for rule breakers.
  • Do they get X amount of chances?
  • Will you contact them? Do you have a response for if they contact you or your admin team about why their post was deleted?

Why rule breaking should never become personal?
Should you message people before you delete them?

  • I used to because I am naturally a people pleaser, and I don't like hurting feelings.
  • I tend to have high expectations of people and give the benefit of the doubt, so I'd tell myself they didn't mean to break the rules.
  • Sometimes, I was scared to delete the post and face a possible conflict but Mums With Hustle deserves protection and letting posts slide will weaken your brand.

Can you have a rule for everything?


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