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MWH 118 : Instagram Stories – Getting Real On What You Should And Should Not Be Sharing

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by Tracy Harris in Blog, Business Strategy, Podcasts
February 5, 2018 0 comments

Instagram Stories – Getting Real On What You Should And Should Not Be Sharing

Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular and resourceful for brands and businesses who want to target their tribe directly.

Did you know that 1/3 Instagram users are using Instagram Stories each day? Users are either creating their own or viewing yours… and if you think about it, that equates to roughly 300 million people utilising Instagram Stories every single day. #TotallyCrazy

The super exciting thing about Instagram Stories is that users are engaging more than just viewing. They're sending DMs, participating in polls, etc. Did you know 1 in 5 Stories receive a DM? Yep! That means businesses are getting clients and making sales – simply by using Instagram Stories.

If you would prefer to listen to this podcast with the added bonus of more juicy insights into understanding Stories from the viewer’s point of view, give the podcast a listen. However, if you’d rather consume this content by reading, then here you go!


horizontal feed stories

I really wanted to take today to discuss Instagram Stories because they're still relatively new. I wrote a sweet little blog post on creating kick-ass Instagram Stories a few months ago, but since then Stories has blown up to become a really convenient marketing tool with tons of new features.

Regardless of how cool Stories are becoming, it's hard to gauge what people like and dislike. Have you ever questioned whether the content you're putting out on Stories is interesting to your tribe? Or maybe you're wondering if you need to switch your Stories up to get users engaged?

I truly love Instagram Stories, and I believe the more we talk about them, the more we will figure out what users are loving and what they're not loving. But because I'm eager to get into the nitty gritty of what your tribe is after, I've already asked my hungry tribe of hustlers to see what they like in Stories!

Yep, I've done the research for you.

How will you know if this episode is insightful for you?

Your target audience is female, predominantly mums, aged between 25-34 and are residing in Australia. If this isn't quite your target audience, don't fret. The tips are universal and can be applied to your account wherever you are!

I just know that my tribe (mostly Aussie mums) are the demographic that responded to my research questionnaire.

Before we get into it – you should know that at the end of this blog I've got a killer freebie for you that will give you an idea of what to actually share in your Instagram Stories… #AllTheFreeResources!


I put a few questions out there on my Instagram Stories (@mumswithhustle) because I knew this segment of users would be interested in this episode. I let my followers know that I was researching for this episode, and so I invited people to respond to the questions about what content they like and don't like to see in Stories.

Let me tell you one thing – you ladies are AMAZING! My DMs were flooded. #SoBlessed

I tried my best to break their likes and frustrations down into digestible categories. Okay, okay – enough talking. Let's get into it!



This was a big standard. People love seeing business owners and brands being genuine and open. They love seeing the rawness and realness of being a mum in business or an entrepreneur. They love seeing what is unstaged.

Check out these quotes that people love seeing:

  • “… serious business people being a bit silly.”
  • “… how mums are kicking butt and smashing their goals by achieving what they desire.”
  • “… authentic videos of people just doing normal things or sharing their favorite products in their own home. Show me real, personal every day stuff and real life stories.”

Sounds freeing, right? Do your best to stop feeling like your Stories have to be perfect 'cause they don't! No one is watching your Stories thinking anything negatively about you, they just want you to show up. #JustDoIt

Quality of Content

People love when brands and businesses are putting in the time and effort to make their Stories high-quality.

They are also loving when they view your Stories and there's a bunch of features throughout the clips. Tell your story, but use variety. You need to be able to keep your audience engaged from the first clip all the way to the final clip in your set of Instagram Stories.

This quote was something I totally related to:

  • “I love when people put more of the photos that they've taken that relates back to the post they just shared on Instagram. I even love seeing the bloopers.”

Speak to the Camera

This is quite terrifying if you have a fear of video, but video is proven to be the fastest and most effective way to build the know-like-trust structure. I guarantee you're going to want to smash your fear of videos after reading this next quote…

  • “Videos are my favorite because I love seeing the faces of the accounts that I love to follow. I love it when they have an actual conversation with me. It can be about anything. I just love getting to know the real people behind the brands, it makes it so much more personal and it makes me more likely to buy.”

There you have it! Get your sweet self on video and chat with your tribe. #SoMuchYes!

Sneak Peeks & Behind The Scenes:

Users love seeing new products that you're working on, upcoming releases, etc. They also love looking at workspaces, what's on your desk, and so much more. Essentially, your audience loves being taken along and shown little pieces that make up a day in your life!


  • Remain Authentic
  • Be Aware of Your Content Quality
  • Speak Directly to Camera
  • Use Sneak Peeks and Behind the Scenes

This quick recap leads me to the part of my research where my tribe reached out to me to inform me of what they wish brands and businesses would stop doing in Instagram Stories.

Don't forget my list of 20 easy Instagram Stories content ideas is just waiting for you to download at the end of this post! I'm here to help you make the most of your Instagram Stories, so you grow a thriving tribe of loyal fans.


Too Much Promotion

The general consensus here is that people don't mind you promoting your products or resources in Stories, but using Instagram Stories only to sell, sell, sell?

Users are finding that method, “boring, and most definitely annoying.”

When you are promoting a product, warm them up first with a tip, resource, and then invite them to learn more through your service.

If you are an influencer, try to resist from immediately promoting a product in your Stories. Users hate when influencers just jump on Stories to promote a product randomly. They think it's jarring and ingenuine… you need to find a way to promote the product you're repping in an authentic manner, so everybody wins.

Talking To The Camera

It did come up that this is something that users find annoying, if you go about in the wrong way. I refer to this as the “talking head.”

Here's what one user said, “What I hate is too many clips, and entire conversation broken up into 20 stories. I lose focus and find myself skipping to the next account.”

Limit the amount of clips where you are speaking direct to camera – keep it to 3-4 clips! Mix up the modes, keep it fun, pop on a filter, mix in some text, don't just keep it 10-20 clips of the “talking head.”

You should also resist from not looking at the camera and speaking to the side. Don't give off the aura that you're too cool or disinterested by not looking at the camera. Just make eye contact!

In addition, users don't like when you don't know what you're going to say. Simply plan your stories ahead of time… Know what you're going to say and say it!

Negative Nancy Pays A Visit

People are not loving negativity in Instagram Stories. Don't moan and groan in your Stories because you're killing your followers positive vibes. While you should be authentic, don't be in a constant state of negativity.

In addition, you should never bash other brands, people, or businesses in your Stories (or in general)! Remember, we're all about #CommunityOverCompetition.

Irrelevant Content

The walking feet really did get mentioned quite a few times by users. Now, I'm totally guilty of this… so whoops!! It is a very typical Instagram Stories thing to show, but maybe we should be showing less of that.

Another example is random selfies that are on business or brand stories. Make up or food tips by a brand/biz that has nothing to do with those niches.

Whatever you show or share, keep it on brand. Never leave your audience wondering, “Why is she showing me this?” or “What has this got to do with her brand?”

Do this by remembering to structure your story as a STORY!

Set your Story up with an intro:

“Today, I'm going to be taking you through my morning routine because… (insert reason).” Or “Let's go behind-the-scenes at Mums With Hustle to my office and take a looksie at five things you'll always find on my desk because they keep me productive and in the zone!”

Stay true and on brand with the content you are sharing on Instagram Stories. Need a little more help structuring your Instagram Stories?

Grab my free Ultimate Instagram Stories resource:

Ultimate Instagram Stories Planner

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This really links nicely to authenticity. There was an overwhelming response when it comes to things not having to be picture perfect in Instagram Stories. Users believe they see enough of that in their feeds! Use face filters sparingly, and show the real you.

In addition, people are not necessarily loving only seeing the easy, glamorous sides of motherhood. They're feeling like you're not being entirely real and withholding the hard parts of motherhood.

Just #KeepItReal, mamas!


It can be easy to overthink when it comes to creating/sharing content for Instagram Stories. Here's a list of 20 content ideas to get you started.

Not all of these ideas will be suited to your brand/audience so select the ones that make most sense for you! Have FUN and stay happy in your hustle. 😊

Instagram Stories Cheatsheet

Grab 20 different ways you can be creative and stand out in your Instagram Stories.

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